Art feeds the soul &

delights the heart. 

Art is powerful.

When done right.

About Amarilys

Amarilys has been such a solid instructor in my watercolor journey. I’ll be going through the day when thoughts of something I learned, and it will begin to grow.

- Robin Rodgers

Bold watercolor fun.



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Amarilys Henderson by Betsy Wall circle

About Amarilys

Licensed artist, published author, and popular instructor, Amarilys' themes of truth, life and beauty often find their way through her watercolor brushes.

Amarilys' lush florals, bold lettering, and festive Christmas designs have spread their way across a variety of product markets since attaining her BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design. 

Her personal work---coined watercolor devos--stems from her Christian faith, which found its rebirth with newfound motherhood.