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The Watercolor Bold membership

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by Amarilys Henderson of Watercolor Devo


how would it feel to paint freely,




you want?

Let's fill up your sketchbook.

Tired of poking at progress?
Want to "create a practice" and "uncover my style," 
But just feel... stuck?

Yup, I've been there

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It all changed when learned how to hone in on what mattered. And let go of what didn't. My art improved immensely. Its volume spoke a style. The barriers of doubt and the dreaded blank page toppled over... as my stacks of sketchbooks kept piling up!

I now work as a professional artist. I've enjoyed seeing my work hung up and placed on products in stores for 20 years. I've learned from my mistakes and now teach others the secrets to success. I've taught over 145K budding creatives just like you in painting confidently.

And now, I'm showing the whole process to becoming a BOLD Artist. Paint anything, anytime, anywhere 
in my Watercolor Bold membership.

Are you ready?

to paint with freedom?

to break through doubt?

to uncover your true art?

It's totally possible.

And you can start right now.

But don't just take my word for it

(shown first and last above)

from fussing to freeing 
in just two months.


Amy B.

Of all the memberships I've tried, Watercolor Bold is by far my favorite.

Amarilys makes it known that you can do no wrong with your painting! She breaks technique down into the smallest, delicious bite-sized chunks for you to savor as you learn. I am so happy she has decided to share her gift with us and help us realize ours, too.

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Fill your sketch book with the ultimate membership for those ready to let their creativity shine

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the creative practice to becoming an artist
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all included for only $25 a month

 first week free 

Key Difference
To this unique approach:

addressing the whole artist.

Want to take a closer look inside

Watercolor BOLD?

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Fun lessons to implement watercolor techniques that will fill your sketchbook, not your schedule.

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what you get

  • Immediate access to 100+ lessons focusing on1 skill at a time

  • 30 minute sketchbook exercises to keep you growing

  • Fresh trainings added 2-3 times a month

  • PDF Book, guides and references

  • PLUS: Amarilys' ENTIRE class library--on watercolor painting, design, illustration, and creative business

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I love that the video lessons are short and manageable! I used to avoid using my watercolor paints because I didn't know what to paint, but now I'm happy to play and explore!


Accessible is the word. Amarilys just makes creating art so accessible. Nothing can stop me from picking up a brush!

Bold Lesson Sets included:

A-Z Watercolor Techniques

• brushes • saturation • jots & dots • translucence • layering •

A-Z Exploring Style

• collage • pop • quiet scenes • light & Airy • whimsical •