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let's create

start you art career
licensed art for mikasa mugs by Amarilys Henderson
art prints from your sketchbook paintings

(it's easier than you think.)

✨ Make your move from paintings to designs. ✨


could your paintings become stunning designs for fun products?

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turn your paintings
into designs
 that shine 

learn the simple way to

The Artists PRO Method Course by Amarilys Henderson

The quick and simple method to get your art ready to make its splash in the world on product.


Truly harness the power of Photoshop for traditional painters. No extra steps or tools. Just your art, turned design!

*so you can get back to your art.

you've got art, right?

Learn surface design using your watercolor artwork

It's a simple concept: your art needs to work its way through the magic of Photoshop. You'll keep all of its rich texture, make it versatile, and ready for anything!

Learn Photoshop for artists

imagine your art on your favorite stuff

you have the critical, raw material for any of these. see:                  

start selling your art by creating reproductions

Did you notice that the SIMPLEST art makes the BEST designs?! Your little sketchbook ditties and doodles can make way for some breathtaking designs.

This 6-week guided course will show you how!

Photoshop beginner class

not into techie tutorials?
this was made for you.

designer watercolor paints

You're not a tech whiz, sitting in his mom's basement. This course is designed to ease you into the process of working in Photoshop--one step at a time. 


Each week introduces an average of just three tools! Learn the quick way around this robust software. And it's all wrapped in a warm teaching style. Photoshop can be as overwhelming a six-lane highway! But we'll stay in our lane and get to our desired destination, nice 'n easy.

a method. made for artists.

best watercolor paintbrush
professional artist method

by Amarilys Henderson

Art is for everywhere! I'm Amarilys, a watercolor artist -turned- surface designer. I've had the honor of seeing my work on a wide variety of products--from paper to porcelain--and I want to show you how you can do the same. What makes my process unique? I'm fast. Not because I'm a computer nerd, just the opposite! I want to do the design work to make my art shine... and then get back to painting!

Amarilys Henderson watercolordevo
licensed products by Amarilys Henderson watercolor devo

from art to design in three stages 


Learn how to make your hand-painted art shine on a screen and printed. Prep, Polish, and get Print Ready!


> Resulting in

Beautiful Art Prints


Take your polished art and learn to repeat it accurately. Create a variety of types of patterns that repeat forever! 


> Resulting in

Patterns to Cover Surfaces


Present a confident and professional collection of works while exploring creative career directions. 


> Resulting in

A PRO Collection

The PRO Course take your art to design

stand-alone art that shines

Let's keep it artsy. Painters that work in traditional mediums such as watercolor, acrylic or gouache are often dismayed at their lack-luster printed results. Preserve all of your art's rich texture and unique quality in Photoshop.

Learn how to convert your paintings into marketable work. Make it versatile and ready for anything! Your freshly-polished art can go on any variety of products--mugs, t-shirts, dishes, canvas prints--you name it. 




create designs from your artwork

easily create pattern designs

Patterns are a science. Here's the recipe. Patterns make your portfolio offerings full and robust. And it's not so hard! You'll learn the artist-friendly way to create designs that repeat infinitely on items such as gift wrap, fabric, and wallpaper.

Better than Pattern Preview. Design with more versatility than with the blocky grid layout. Make your repeat long, half-drop, diamond, and overlap! 



I WANT to design patterns the fun way

Working on some animals today! I like to watch how people react as I flip through these bo
license your art to big companies

present your work to the world

Package and present your art professionally. Prepare to show your work in a way that's enticing and clear. Learn how to build cohesion into your new collection!

Determine a direction for your art career. We don't just explore one way, we open the yellow brick road of creative possibilities! Your art will navigate the way to where it needs to land.






ready to start your business in art?
become a licensed artist for products
create your art business

"I can't say enough about Amarilys, how down to earth she is. I love her aesthetic. I also appreciate her values... She makes the space so welcoming. And she's such a great teacher! She's really great at seeing where you're at... she continues to make it accessible.”

- Heidi B.

"I came to the course not knowing anything about Amarilys and I'm thrilled that I did because she is the perfect teacher for me. [Her] teaching style is very inviting, very accessible. I have joined her mentorship group after the course and am feeling successful in my dream of my art being out in the world.”

- Gigi W.

"The other courses that I took didn't provide real feedback. I have to say Amarilys just made the course fun. Amarilys is one of my favorite people. She makes me feel more confident. I now know that I can do more than just the plain old scattered [patterns].”

- Lawren M.

"I have found that Amarilys is incredibly generous with her knowledge. If she is explaining things in a way that you don't understand, she is able to find another way to explain it so that everyone is on board. When you are in the course, you really feel supported.”

- Kara D.

But you might be feeling 😥 

is your art good enough

Here's an industry secret: everyone feels "not good enough" sometimes. And often, most of the time.
Confidence comes with steps of courage.
Confidence comes with skills earned.
Confidence comes with time. 

Taking steps to earn the skills that accumulate courage over time is what you need. Confidence is the product of these, not the forerunner.

not sure your art is up to snuff?

Notice the humble art these designs came from!

simple + hand-made = stunning designs

...or maybe you're feeling 😵‍💫  

scared to learn photoshop

Babe, it gets us ALL. That's why I gotchu. The next 50 days are dedicated to you! This is a guided, live experience you'll share with others. Each step of the way.

You only need to focus on 3 tools a week to get results each step of the way. That's it!

art business mentor
let's knock out that overwhelm right now.

You enjoy painting and love the way it looks hand-crafted!


You often think, "oh I could paint this!" while out shopping.

Sun Moons Patterns Board Square Pillows closeup lo.jpg

You have been wanting to learn design, but put it off.


You're a good learner, but crave more support.

art comparison_edited.jpg

say an easy yes

to your

your art career awaits
Artists PRO logo

by Amarilys Henderson

live April 12 - May 20

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what you'll learn

We'll also have weekly Live Sessions beginning with our Welcome Kick-Off on April 12.

GOAL #1 polished prints

prep'd art week 1 April 5

Prepare your art before the course's official start by bringing it into your computer and becoming familiar with the program. 

polished art Week 2
 April 9
Let's begin! Learn to isolate your artwork quickly so that it's flexible for broad use.

print ready week 3 April 16 
Color correct, remove blemishes, refine and make it shine!

GOAL #2 REPEAT patterns

repeat patterns week 4
 April 23
Create a simple repeat pattern with your art. Bonus lesson on Pattern Preview as well.

repeat design week 5
 April 30
We'll let loose on other pattern design styles such as half-drop and offset. Better understand how to diversify and improve your pattern designs.

GOAL #3 output YOUR WORK

output design time week 6 May 7

A quiet week built-in to help you implement what you've learned.

output portfolio week 7 May 14
Create mock-ups, lay out your portfolio, and explore directions to take your art business in. Best practices for presenting your portfolio both publicly and as a pitch.

Show your PRO Collection on may 20

real experiences from past alumni
feedback on amarilys

"She really creates a level of accountability where you feel like I have this enormous value."

- Azure

"She really creates a level of accountability where you feel like I have this enormous value."

- Azure

what's great about it?

"Over the period of the Pro Course, I was able to create an entire collection that I then uploaded to Spoonflower."

- Kara

"This course definitely pulled me out of a rut of not doing art and not thinking my work was 'good enough' and getting stuck in perfectionism... instead of doing! I am excited to make progress and build an art practice and a portfolio and see what I can do with it!”

- Azure

"I have done many watercolors in the past but have since stopped because I wasn't sure how to put my paintings in a format that could be licensed. Amarilys showed me the way and now I feel as though I have the tools.”

- Tracey

"Wow--I loved this class!! I loved the videos showing how to make patterns in PS! Learned just what I needed. I'm an introvert and new to having people see my art. I found everyone to be supportive--and I appreciate that.”

- Andrea

"It feels like money better spent when you're able to get 1 on 1 attention when necessary.

- Amy

"I have used Photoshop for years, but learned more during this class! The best part of being in the PRO Course was that it opened my eyes to the possibilities of how I can use my artwork.”

- Sherry

"Everything she teaches sticks to you right away. She always provides good knowledge and is a step ahead to guide you no matter what level you are at. Thank you, Amarilys, for your guidance and your love!”

- Marilyn

You were made for this journal

details & answers

Course Duration

Enrollment opens April 1st--no fooling! Official course dates are April 12- May 20. Preview course content as early as one week before, upon purchase.


The Inner Circle--Amarilys' ongoing mentorship group--is only available to alumni of The Artist's PRO Method. An invitation will be extended to students to receive regular accountability and open dialogue as we grow as creative entreprenuers.

Gifting the Course

Gifting is a snap! You will see an option for you to gift the course to someone else at checkout with one click.

Pre-Recorded + Live

Course lessons are pre-recorded and organized in a private hub. Live sessions include Welcome, Guest Speakers, and Final Critique. Live sessions typically on Wednesdays; replays will appear in the hub.

PRO Course

The Artist's PRO Method was formerly known as the The PRO Course. It not only has a refreshed look, but also fresh, new lessons. Some former lessons are available in the Vault of the current course.

Collective Experience

You will not only hear from the experience of one working artist, but of several! Special guests, interviews, and bonus lessons offer a broad view.


Enjoy the course risk-free. Not for you? Refund requests for the course are accepted through April 19 with proof of work.


Amarilys strives to make her offerings accessible in every way. Closed-captioning is available on all videos and live calls. Visual helps such as zoom-in's, overlaying text and even a view of Amarilys' hands working aware were also added to new videos!

Age Appropriate

A wide range of women have actively enjoyed the course. From high school freshmen to night school seniors. Reach out to hear from either's personal experience directly.

Offered Once a Year

In order to provide the support and community quality we strive for, the course is only offered once a year. Remember that Amarilys is a working artist herself, eager to practice her craft. The Artist's PRO Method with Amarilys Henderson will not be offered again until 2024. 

Age Appropriate

A wide range of women have actively enjoyed the course. From high school freshmen to night school seniors. Reach out to hear from either's personal experience directly.


A private community is provided for this year's students! (And no, it's not Facebook.)

spread of products.jpg
Enjoy the course risk-free.
Take a week to sift through Module 1--which includes three weeks of lessons--before April 19. 
standing with banner art echo.jpeg

a variety of perspectives

guest speakers 

Liz Kohler-Brown

on Repeat Patterns on Your iPad with Affinity 

Bonus lesson from a highly-popular online teacher and surface pattern designer

Elisa Chevarri

Children's Book Illustrator & Artist

Illustrator and surface designer who has illustrated stacks of books, including Golden Books

Art Director

from Stationery & Gift Company

Live interview with an art director, telling us what they look for in submissions

Mindy Young

Teaches Pattern Preview Bonus Lesson

Bonus lesson from a 6-figure fabric designer through her Spoonflower shop, Indy Bloom

Art Licensing Panel:

Nicole Tamarin, Jeanetta Gonzales, & Emily Dumas

Several experiences all in one room in this Live discussion

Genna Blackburn 

on InDesign Portfolio

Lay out your portfolio clearly and confidently with the ease of Adobe InDesign

we'll end the course with a class critique


"I felt completely equipped after [taking the course]."

- Shelley

it? why?

"I could have saved literally so much time if I had just taken the course a year previously."

- Liz

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