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responses to the pro course
from past alumni

"This course definitely pulled me out of a rut of not doing art and not thinking my work was 'good enough' and getting stuck in perfectionism... instead of doing! I am excited to make progress and build an art practice and a portfolio and see what I can do with it!”

- Azure

"I have done many watercolors in the past but have since stopped because I wasn't sure how to put my paintings in a format that could be licensed. Amarilys showed me the way and now I feel as though I have the tools.”

- Tracey

"I just love Amarilys and I love this community. She is so consistent with all that she offers.

- Shellie

"I have used Photoshop for years, but learned more during this class! The best part of being in the PRO Course was that it opened my eyes to the possibilities of how I can use my artwork.”

- Sherry

"Everything she teaches sticks to you right away. She always proveds good knowledge and is a step ahead to guide you no matter what level you are at. Thank you, Amarilys, for your guidance and your love!”

- Marilyn

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