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Tired of keeping your art hidden in sketchbooks and drawers?

let them shine as designs!

got stacks of art STASHED AWAY?


Listen, you create all the time. That art is valuable. This is the next step. Bring your creativity full circle by transforming simple works into 3D creations. (Oh, and don't lose any of the artistic details that make your work yours!)

Gain the skills to do just that--and learn it with live guidance from a seasoned artist -turned- surface designer.


Meet Amarilys
Amarilys studio in orb.png
amarilys henderson
licensed artist, published author & online instructor

With over unique 130,000 students across her classes, Amarilys is a seasoned instructor. Her artwork has graced many surfaces--from paper to porcelain. Her experience as a creative entrepreneur is diverse. And she's happy to share from all of it... both her experience living it and teaching it... right here in this course.


art licensing

b2b collaborations

wedding stationery



print on demand


speaking engagements

art teaching

children's books

online membership

small group coaching


stationery & greeting cards


wall art

tabletop & home decor

wrapping paper

stickers & photobooks

food packaging

calendars & planners

illustrated books


handbags & pouches

holiday ornament figurines



trader joe's


lifetime brands

quarry books

studio oh

fresh energy minnesota

destination medical center

paintbrush studio fabrics

dr ph martin's

workman publishing


that's now.

but this is all I had when i started...
places to be PRO Course 2.jpg

I began my career with just my sketchbook and a Student version of Photoshop. And that's still how I work. I may have ditched the CDs, but my process is the same, if not faster. My heart is in my art. I'm eager to get off the screen and back to the art table. And that's where you belong, too. 

You make some beautiful work, you just need a streamlined process to turn your art from sketchbook to designs, over and over. You can create stand-alone placement designs and as repeat patterns--both retaining the integrity and delicate texture of your original work!

Amairlys sig brush.png
responses to amarilys' teaching
over 1,000 positive reviews

"Amarilys is so personable and great at giving advice!”

- Yasmina

"Amarilys is a wonderful teacher! She always goes above and beyond my expectations.”

- Teresa

"Amarilys provided insights into two dimensions: how to think about yourself as an entrepreneur, and the creative aspect, too.”

- Maria

so, is your art ready?

Let's check!


Honey, you know that art could go places. You see it all the time. The simplest of paintings often make the BEST designs! 

is your heart ready?

Does this describe you?

You are a traditional artist---meaning, you enjoy painting and love the way it looks! 

You find yourself thinking, "I could do that!" while shopping for new towels.

You've heard of or dabbled in Photoshop, but realize there's much more to explore.

You want the fully-engaged learning experience without the full-on course load.

Am I talking to YOU?! If you're feeling this in your gut, keep scrolling. I want to unpack what all this stirring within adds up to.


pro cOURsE


Give your artwork wings. Watch it soar.

Tiger Lily sketchbook © Watercolor Devo,

a once-a-year opportunity

This 5-week course supplies you with an array of elements--proven to propel real progress.

let's start together

You will instantly receive instructions to prepare you for our first live session.


Checklists are provided to help you stay on track.

learn on your own time

Video lessons are succinct and categorized.

you're not alone

Scared of the going public? You'll find some friends here.

"Wow--I loved this class!! I loved the videos showing how to make patterns in PS! Learned just what I needed. I'm an introvert and new to having people see my art. I found everyone to be supportive--and I appreciate that.”

- Andrea

portfolio prowess

Walk confidently towards your art's next address.

all the ingredients you need to make the thrilling leap.

pro cOURsE


responses to the pro course
from past alumni

"This course definitely pulled me out of a rut of not doing art and not thinking my work was 'good enough' and getting stuck in perfectionism... instead of doing! I am excited to make progress and build an art practice and a portfolio and see what I can do with it!”

- Azure

"I have done many watercolors in the past but have since stopped because I wasn't sure how to put my paintings in a format that could be licensed. Amarilys showed me the way and now I feel as though I have the tools.”

- Tracey

"I just love Amarilys and I love this community. She is so consistent with all that she offers.

- Shellie

"I have used Photoshop for years, but learned more during this class! The best part of being in the PRO Course was that it opened my eyes to the possibilities of how I can use my artwork.”

- Sherry

"Everything she teaches sticks to you right away. She always proveds good knowledge and is a step ahead to guide you no matter what level you are at. Thank you, Amarilys, for your guidance and your love!”

- Marilyn

and most of them are coming back! 
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6.04.26 PM.png
4 special guests.jpg
the energizing lives, guests, and motivation are  that good. 
people who know fabric printing, forging new routes
special guests

Both Live and pre-recorded, these guests offer a unique, seasoned perspective. 

licensed artists
art directors
wholesale & retail business owners
live workshop
with the
art director of a national greeting card company
by prolific speaker and art licensor
questions answered

it only comes once a year!

jump in
Course kicks off on April 18 - May 28, 2022
and get back to your art.
quick mash of work[pattern] copy.png

pro cOURsE


spread of products.jpg
Enjoy a week of the course, 100% risk-free.

If you decide that this isn't for you, receive a full refund before 4/25/22.

standing with banner art echo.jpeg
it's time to take off with the art that you love to make.


pro cOURsE


Copy of INNER.jpg
know that you'll want guidance after may?
Add 3-Months of Inner Circle Access at checkout.
lingering questions, answered

Tell me more about the Lives.

All Live sessions will be hosted on Zoom at either 7pm CST or 10am CST on Mondays, Thursdays or Saturdays. Replays will be placed in the course curriculum for easy access.

What repeat pattern method is taught?

All teaching will be using Adobe Photoshop. Amarilys will teach her simple way of making patterns, the same she uses for her licensed fabric lines. A lesson on Pattern Preview will also be included in the course.

Will this course be offered again this year?

Sorry, no. Why? Because Amarilys likes to paint, too! You will have to wait until next year.

Do you teach pitching?

General business practices are discussed in week 5. Amarilys will also share next steps and her recommended courses as needed for further learning.

What is your refund policy?

Refund requests will be accepted before 4/25/22 via email. No documentation needed, optional exit survey will be requested for the betterment of the course.

Do I need PC or Mac?

The software is the same, the only difference being keyboard shortcuts which will be shown in both ways. You may use whichever system you prefer, but will need to have Adobe Photoshop. Instructions to access program at the lowest will be sent over email before class starts.

Do you offer discounts?

No discounts other than for alumni. It's simpler this way. No early rush, no hype, just genuine takers. The course price is absolutely fair for the level of education and guidance. The reviews speak for themselves!

How big will the class be?

Boy, that's hard to predict. But the commitment to maintaining a warm class community is a priority. A final headcount will be shared just before the course begins.

Do you offer a Payment Plan?

Yes! Click here for the three-part payment option. Third-party financing is also supported on the main check out page.

Feeling too green? Too old? Not tech-savvy enough?

It's not at all my desire to cajole anyone. That just wouldn't make the course fun! But do give me the chance to share personal testimonials from others with similar former apprehensions. Happy to answer further questions.

How long will I have access?

At least a year and as long as the course is technically supported. If any interruption were to occur, students will be emailed access to a back-up platform.

Do I have to take the PRO Course to be in the Inner Circle?

Yes. Content from the course is referenced as a base understanding of the principles and community ethos of the Inner Circle. If you'd like ongoing mentoring after May, add it at checkout.

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