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make your art live anywhere


(It's not as scary as it seems.)


You create all the time. That art is valuable. This is the next step. Continue your creativity by making them 3D creations. And don't lose any of the artistic details that make your work yours!

You'll soon have the opportunity to learn the simple skills to do just that--and learn it with live guidance from a seasoned artist -turned- surface designer. Sound amazing? Want to turn your sketchbook play into pieces that pay?

i bet You've thought about it.
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⭐ a free 3-day live event ⭐
to make some big creative mental leaps!
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day 1

Wednesday 2pm CST
April 6

Is your art good enough?


day 2

Thursday 2pm CST
April 7

what it takes to make it.


day 3

Friday 2pm CST
April 8

what to stop doing.

pro cOURsE

 Kicks-Off on Monday
April 18

*and it's only once a year.

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Meet Amarilys

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amarilys henderson
licensed artist, published author & online instructor

With over unique 130,000 students across her classes, Amarilys is a seasoned instructor. Her artwork has graced many surfaces--from paper to porcelain. Her experience as a creative entrepreneur is diverse. And she's happy to share from all of it... both her experience living it and teaching it... right here in this course.


art licensing

b2b collaborations

wedding stationery



print on demand


speaking engagements

art teaching

children's books

online membership

small group coaching


stationery & greeting cards


wall art

tabletop & home decor

wrapping paper

stickers & photobooks

food packaging

calendars & planners

illustrated books


handbags & pouches

holiday ornament figurines



trader joe's


lifetime brands

quarry books

studio oh

fresh energy minnesota

destination medical center

paintbrush studio fabrics

dr ph martin's

workman publishing


but you don't need a resume like this to go pro.
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I started my career with just my sketchbook and a Student version of Photoshop. And that's still how I work. I may have ditched the CDs, but my process is the same, if not faster. My heart is in my art. I'm eager to get off the screen and back to the art table. And that's where you belong, too. 

You make some beautiful work, you just need a streamlined process to turn your art from sketchbook to designs, over and over. You can create stand-alone placement designs and as repeat patterns--both retaining the integrity and delicate texture of your original work!

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the pro course starts
april 18, 2022.
with lesson 1

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

pro cOURsE


I just love Amarilys and I love this community. She is so consistent with all that she offers.


I loved the videos showing how to make patterns in PS! I've replayed them over and over and learned what I wanted to learn. I also loved meeting everyone. I'm an introvert, and new at having people see my art, so I found everyone to be supportive --and I appreciate that.


I have done many watercolors in the past- but have since stopped because I wasn't sure how to put my paintings in a format that could be licensed. She showed me the way and now I feel as though I have the tools.


begin where you're at

"I have some art but I don't know where to take it."


Stay on track with checklists for your path.

videos to select from

Just 1 hour of video learning per week.

you're not the only one

Scared of the digital divide before you? You'll find some friends here.

portfolio prowess

Walk confidently towards your art's next address.

This course definitely pulled me out of a rut of not doing art and not thinking my work was 'good enough' and getting stuck in perfectionism and planning instead of doing! I am excited to make progress and build a an art practice and a portfolio and see what I can do with it!!


I have used Photoshop for years, but I learned more during this class! I grew in my knowledge of surface design and how to create a collection; and then how to create a repeating pattern!

The best part of being in the PRO course was that it opened my eyes to the possibilities of how I can use my artwork.


Wow - I loved this class!! I learned so much from Amarilys and all of my fellow students, and was so inspired by everyone's artwork! I also enjoyed the support and encouragement we shared, and the guest speakers were FANTASTIC.


Everything she teaches sticks to you right away. She always provides good knowledge and is a step ahead to guide you no matter what level you are at. Pro Course was an amazing learning experience. She showed us from how to polish our product to all the possibilities we have to license your work. Thank you Amarilys for all your guidance and all your love!


Know you need this?