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The Watercolor Bold membership

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by Amarilys Henderson of Watercolor Devo

You've got the art in you.

yet wishing you could

stick to your sketchbook?

Let's get that art out of you.

break the block between
you and your best work.

Go bold.

Tired of poking at progress?
Been there. I knew that I needed to "create a practice" and "uncover my style," like the artists I looked up to.
But I just felt... stuck.

Amairlys henderson sig whole light.png

It all changed when I made some key shifts. Those barriers that held me back toppled over--just like the stacks of work I was creating! 

I now work as a professional artist. I've enjoyed seeing my work hung and placed on products in stores for 20 years. And as I've grown, I've shared. Having taught over 135K unique artists has prepared me to teach effectively.

I impart this passion to you in Watercolor Bold.

 Are you ready to own your craft?

keep a solid

sketchbook practice.

Watercolor Bold icon_edited.png

The Watercolor Bold membership
gathers and guides us into the colorfully unique work we've been longing to create.

three ingredients
make the method 
Served up monthly in our vibrant community.

Cancel anytime.

what Watercolor Bold members think

(shown first and last above)

went from fussing to freeing 
in just two months.


Amanda is a founding member that  is still enjoying each new lesson.

Amy B.

Of all the memberships I've tried, Watercolor Bold is by far my favorite. Amarilys makes it known that you can do no wrong with your painting! She breaks technique down into the smallest, delicious bite-sized chunks for you to savor as you learn. I am so happy she has decided to share her gift with us and help us realize ours, too.

AmyBehrendsen_EditSamples_0004 (2) - Amy B.jpg
these members share how they found the time

Kara D.

You can set a goal for what you want, then do the lessons that help with that rather than working through all of it.

Shelley W.

Listening to the lessons like a podcast has helped me apply the principles later.

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WB Live icon_edited.png


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Skill breeds confidence.

---------- Watch this sampling of lessons ----------

learning is served up twice a month along with exercises and prompts.
Michelle Cornish - thriller author - Michelle Cornish.png


I love that the video lessons are short and manageable! I used to avoid using my watercolor paints because I didn't know what to paint, but now I'm happy to play and explore!


Accessible is the word. Amarilys just makes creating art so accessible. Nothing can stop me from picking up a brush!


Fun lessons to implement watercolor techniques that will fill your sketchbook,
not your schedule.

Fresh content dropped  2-3 times a month.
with 30-minute sketchbook exercises to keep you growing.

new lESSONS • EXERCISES • prompts
2023 WB Calendars (1)_edited.jpg
Watercolor Basics magazine-mockup.jpg

Available now: A full set of lessons on A-Z Watercolor Techniques

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 2_edited.jpg

Rolling out through the year: Lessons on Exploring Style from A-Z

WB Lean-In icon_edited.png


Creative progress is not a straight line.
We get that.

---------- Watch what "Leaning-In" means ----------

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 3.24.36 PM.png
64878262-DA2B-4A0B-BFDF-3FD8F54F90ED - PJ Davis.jpeg


I used to put pressure on myself for perfection with every painting, but now I’m loosening up that pressure and playing. I’ll find my voice and style while playing in Watercolor Bold.

Never go it alone.
Be sharpened and energized by community.

WB Live icon_edited.png

live painting sessions

Experience creative flow alongside others on the regular.

Intro Live Zoom pieces copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 3.17.43 PM.png

Loose and laid back, this monthly painting face-time  is an invigorating  boost.  Exclusive to members.


"I love the puns. I love the laughter. I love the gift of play you remind us to have in this journey as creatives. And I appreciate and love your openness."



The "live" painting sessions are the highlight for me because of her light-hearted humor and personality.

June free zoom.jpg

There's just nothing like painting live.
Worth it on its own.

Amarilys studio in orb.png

  Licensed Artist   |  Published Author
Online Instructor  |  Lifelong Creative

Amairlys henderson sig whole light.png

Boldly teaching since 2015.

Blue Final Photo 2.jpg
It doesn’t happen overnight, folks. And you know what else doesn’t happen overnight_ Drift

So, what are you waiting for?
Don't put your passion on hold any longer.

Come on in and join our vibrant community of makers, painters, illustrators and hobbyists.

We are ready for you!

You're going to love being in Bold! And you have a full week to find out. All content is available to you now. 


  • How much time will I need to set aside?
    Video lessons within this membership range from 10-30 minutes. Most videos are 15-20 minutes. Set aside 25-minutes 2-3 times a month. "One thing that's been helpful for me I have listened to the lessons in the background like a podcast and it's been super helpful." - Shelley W. On busy months, you can simply schedule the Live Painting Sessions to stay refreshed.
  • Is it closed captioned?
    All video lessons and zoom calls will be in English with optional closed captions. The entire course will be searchable--as in no more wondering, "what lesson mentioned x?" You can also speed the player, watch on any device, and view picture in picture.
  • When are the live calls?
    Live Painting Sessions are monthly, typically the last Thursday of the month, 7PM CDT. They are a little over an hour with some chatter. Replays are posted and replaced monthly in the hub.
  • Eek! I'm kind of shy. How big is the group?
    While its size is changing in real time--this week especially--a very broad guess would be 100-200. Live call show up rate is around 10% of that.
  • What tech or platforms are used?
    The hub that contains all the lessons is on Searchie. Live calls are held over Zoom. Community is via Circle.
  • How long will the content be available?
    All Video Learning, Lean-In Chats, and PDFs accrue in the Hub and are not removed. Live Replays are replaced month to month.
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