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Ready to share your art with the world? 

Create art prints and pattern designs with the Build monthly membership.

Tired of seeing stacks of your work going nowhere?

Sad your art is only enjoyed by you?

Wondering "what's next?" as an artist?

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let's take you from artist to designer and take your art anywhere

have you been dreaming

where could your art go?

You can proliferate your work and share with the world with my

One-of-a-kind monthly membership that teaches how to: 

1. Build collected sets of art

2. Polish designs in photoshop

3. Prepare them for any product 

I’m loving that I have lessons in watercolor planning; as well as lessons on how to use what I’ve created to make sales in the margins. This Membership is so thoughtful and designed as I need it exactly!   

- Julie B.

I just have to say, with the monthly watercolor and design lessons plus ALL the extra classes and the live painting sessions—this membership has SO MUCH to offer! I feel like a kid in a candy store in Watercolor Build!

- Lisa G.


Watercolor Build

the monthly membership to master the skills, curate the design, and impact the world


Create art in series

Create artworks within the same theme through Watercolor Bold lessons, membership included 


Watercolor Bold Membership


craft the look

Select from the provided design briefs that correlate with each new series of art lessons


Mood Board Design Briefs


curate your collection

Learn how to maximize and preserve the artistic quality of your work with Photoshop tutorials that get right to it


Targeted Monthly Lessons


develop designs

Create prints and patterns the fast way with teaching geared to the traditional artist, taught by a commercial artist


The Artist's PRO Method Course


into that

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paint arrow_edited.png

turn this

Unicorn Backpack with stuff.jpg
2018-01-27 21.08.37.jpg
paint arrow_edited.png

and this

into that

paint arrow_edited_edited.png

Been waiting to build your portfolio?

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What if I'm already in Bold?

Do I have to paint exactly what is suggested?

Nope. Watercolor Bold will guide you through 2-3 painting lessons a month. While these artworks are used to showcase design tutorials in Watercolor Build, you are encouraged to create your own works to fill your collection. For instance, not into bees? Replace them with butterflies. You can then create a pattern with them by following the same Photoshop techniques.

Do I have to purchase the Artist's PRO Method course?

The course is included in your Watercolor Build membership! Its Photoshop lessons are the backbone of the tutorials shared regularly that are specific to the current series. Alumni are encouraged to contact here for a discounted membership.

Will my questions be answered?

Watercolor Builders are welcome to voice questions throughout the collection-building process--from selecting works to color palettes, from layouts to Photoshop hang-ups. The community is a great asset for feedback and Amarilys will respond personally to specialized questions weekly. Loom is used to share technical questions and responses through its easy screen sharing.

Need more information? Have a question?

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