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Desktop full of art © Amarilys Henderson

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body of work?

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What if I'm already in Bold?

Do I have to paint exactly what is suggested?

Nope. Watercolor Bold will guide you through 2-3 painting lessons a month. While these artworks are used to showcase design tutorials in Watercolor Build, you are encouraged to create your own works to fill your collection. For instance, not into bees? Replace them with butterflies. You can then create a pattern with them by following the same Photoshop techniques.

Do I have to purchase the Artist's PRO Method course?

The course is included in your Watercolor Build membership! Its Photoshop lessons are the backbone of the tutorials shared regularly that are specific to the current series. Alumni are encouraged to contact here for a discounted membership.

Will my questions be answered?

Watercolor Builders are welcome to voice questions throughout the collection-building process--from selecting works to color palettes, from layouts to Photoshop hang-ups. The community is a great asset for feedback and Amarilys will respond personally to specialized questions weekly. Loom is used to share technical questions and responses through its easy screen sharing.

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