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make your artwork shine with the
watercolor tutorials


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Become the artist you've dreamed of

without the empty stare at a white sheet

without the self doubt

Imagine sitting down with a crisp sheet and fresh ink as a XYZ comes together effortlessly.

So, how do you get there?

By painting boldly and on the regular.

How I can help you

create stunning watercolors


grab the crash course

"Help! Inspire me."

No worries, I got your back. Grab my FREE workshop to learn what's keeping you from painting freely and how to start!

your 3 hang-ups

my beginner membership

"Show me how to grow."

A stream of 30 minute watercolor tutorials and a community of novice turned artists like you! All Amarilys' classes and live paintings included.

find out more
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build design collections

"Empower me to go!"

Unleash your bold art to become design collections! This membership includes BOLD and expands skills with Photoshop.

coming january 1

hi! i'm amarylis

licensed artist, instructor, and creativity cheerleader

Would you believe me if I told you after X years professionally painting I still make mistakes? 

Yup - it happens. Sometimes things turn out quite sh**y, you know? 

Often the biggest thing holding me back is the fear of failure, the self doubt.

But do you know how I get past it? I keep going.

I've learned the secret to making stunning art is to keep showing up regularly and consistently. 

And that's why I'm here to help you. No matter your mistakes or your doubts, I'll give you the mindset you need, and the approachable tutorials to express your creativity.

Let's get painting

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